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Short Course in Cyber Security

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Short Course in Cyber Security

Short Course in Cyber Security will provide learners with the underlying theory and practical skills required to secure networks and to send data safely and securely over network communications (including securing the most common Internet services). This module provides a look at the technologies employed to secure a network. It is designed to provide learners with knowledge of the fundamental principles and techniques employed in securing information and networks.

The module will allow learners to assess the security risks inherent in computer networks and the technologies that can be employed to counter such risks. It covers cryptographic algorithms from a mathematical point of view, including practical examples of breaking codes.

Once the learners have knowledge of the different types of algorithm, cryptographic protocols are introduced for accomplishing a varied set of tasks, including authentication, secure message exchange, digital signatures, etc. Other aspects of network security are then dealt with, such as access control devices and firewalls, VPN, NAT, malware, vulnerability assessment, Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS), etc.

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What Will You Learn?

  • Intrusion Detection Systems
  • VPN
  • NAT

Course Content

Cyber Security

  • Student Guide
  • CSSC Lecture Slides
  • CSSC Handouts

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5 years ago
Great course. Well structured, paced and I feel far more confident using this software now then I did back in school when I was learning. And the guy doing the voice over really is great at what he does. I will probably do the course again and look at what other courses this instructor provides. Great quality and well worth the cost.
5 years ago
Every section has been well discussed in the course. It's definitely easy to understand. But I hope all activities sent was reviewed because, for some, it's still a basis for improvement.
Overall, it's a course worth to recommend!!!
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