Application Processing Fee

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Application Processing Fee

$ 1,500

Application Processing Fee

At Talent Nurtures Educational Institute, a Application Processing Fee of 410 USD is required post-registration. This fee covers administrative costs for your application’s review and is essential for completing your application process. Ensure timely payment and submission of all necessary documents for a smooth admission experience.



At Talent Nurtures Educational Institute, the application process for our programs includes an Application Processing Fee of 500 AED, which is required after the submission of the registration form. This fee is an essential part of your application, covering the administrative costs incurred in the processing and review of your application.

Please note that the Application Processing Fee is mandatory and non-refundable, regardless of the outcome of your application. It ensures that your application is processed efficiently and professionally by our admissions team.

To complete your application to Talent Nurtures Educational Institute, ensure that you submit the1500 AED fee promptly after your registration form. This fee demonstrates your commitment and interest in our programs and aids in the smooth operation of the admissions process.

Remember, this fee is just one component of your application. Make sure all other required documents and information are submitted for your application to be considered complete and ready for evaluation.


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