Bridging Borders: International Split Degree Programs by NCC Education UK

Bridging Borders:

International Split Degree Programs by NCC Education UK


In the ever-evolving educational landscape, flexibility and global exposure have become increasingly valuable. Recognizing this shift, NCC Education UK has spearheaded a unique educational approach – International Split Degree Programs.

What are Split Degree Programs?

Split degree programs, also known as dual degree programs, are innovative educational pathways that allow students to study in two different countries during their degree program. They provide students with a chance to expand their cultural perspectives, enhance language skills, and gain international exposure.

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The NCC Education UK Approach

NCC Education UK offers an expansive range of split degree programs across various disciplines, including Business, Computing, and more. Their programs typically involve students studying the first two years in their home country and then transferring to a partner university in the UK or other countries for the remaining duration.

Benefits of International Split Degree Programs

Split degree programs offer several advantages:

  1. Global Exposure: Students get an opportunity to experience different cultures and educational systems, enriching their worldview.
  2. Enhanced Employability: International experience is often highly valued by employers, making graduates more competitive in the job market.
  3. Flexibility: Split degree programs allow students to tailor their educational experience, choosing the location and institution that best suits their career goals and personal interests.

Detailed Overview of NCC Education UK's Split Degree Programs

NCC Education UK has designed its split degree programs with a strong focus on enhancing the skillset of students. They have carefully curated a broad selection of courses across diverse disciplines to meet the rapidly changing demands of the global job market. The split degree programs offered include Computing, Business, Cyber Security, Artificial Intelligence, and Data Science, among others.

Each program is designed to offer students theoretical knowledge complemented by practical applications. This blend of theory and practice empowers students to excel both in further studies and in the professional world.

Moreover, the international experience garnered from studying in two different countries offers a unique perspective and understanding of global industry trends, making students more adaptable and versatile.

Partner Universities

NCC Education UK’s split degree programs are backed by a strong network of esteemed partner universities across the globe. These partnerships ensure that students receive quality education and a seamless transfer experience. Some of the partner universities include the University of Central Lancashire, University of Greenwich, and Liverpool John Moores University, among others.

Each partner university brings its unique academic strengths to the programs, ensuring a comprehensive and well-rounded educational experience.

NCC Education UK's Commitment to Students

A crucial part of NCC Education UK’s ethos is their commitment to student success. They provide extensive support throughout the split degree journey, from selecting the right program to facilitating a smooth transfer to the partner university.

In addition, NCC Education UK ensures that all its courses remain up-to-date with industry trends. Their programs are regularly reviewed and updated to reflect the evolving demands of the global job market, further enhancing their students’ employability.


NCC Education UK offers a variety of split degree programs, including Business, Computing, and more.
Most split degree programs take about three to four years to complete, similar to traditional degree programs.
The choice of university for the second part of your program depends on the partnerships established by NCC Education UK. They have partnered with several reputable universities across the globe.
Yes, degrees awarded through NCC Education UK’s split degree programs are recognized globally.
Prerequisites vary depending on the specific program and partnering university. It’s advisable to check the program details on the NCC Education UK website or contact the institution for accurate information.
NCC Education UK provides extensive support during the transfer process. This includes providing guidance on application procedures, helping with document preparation, and liaising with the partner universities.
While knowledge of the local language can enhance your experience, it’s not a prerequisite. The medium of instruction in all NCC Education UK’s partner universities is English.
Exams are typically conducted in the same manner as they would be in traditional degree programs. Depending on the specific course and university, this could include written exams, online assessments, project submissions, or a combination of these
NCC Education UK offers a range of support services including academic guidance, career counselling, and assistance with university applications, among others.
Opportunities for internships or work placements depend on the specific program and partner university. Many programs do incorporate internships or work placements to provide practical industry exposure.


The International Split Degree Programs by NCC Education UK are truly a testament to their commitment to providing flexible, globally relevant education. By creating an environment where cultural exchange, academic excellence, and practical skills coalesce, these programs equip students with the tools they need to thrive in the global job market. In the face of a rapidly changing world, a split degree program could be your passport to an exciting, prosperous future.

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